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The idea of ​​establishing the Alumni Association emerged to value the alumni’s leading role in building society and shaping the future of this great country and strengthening the spirit of belonging and communication between them and their university, and activating the university’s partnership with the community, where the graduates are considered honorable models and national cadres that have contributed and are still contributing to the building and development of the country. The necessary consultations to follow up on their higher studies and their continuous training to meet the requirements of the needs of the labor market and to provide them with the opportunity to participate in various activities and programs.

Proceeding from the importance of valuing the role of graduates in shaping the future of the nation, the idea of ​​establishing the King Khalid University Alumni Association was launched to represent the voice of graduates in the university, which placed in its first interest the promotion of the spirit of belonging and communication between the graduates and their university, and investing their energies and capabilities optimal investment and development of their abilities and allowing them to participate In the various activities and programs, assisting them in obtaining appropriate jobs that correspond to their specializations and the requirements of the labor market, and introducing the public and private sectors to the competencies of graduates in various disciplines, as the graduates are considered honorable models and national cadres that have contributed and are still contributing to the building and development of the nation.

The association aims to achieve the following goals and objectives:

  • Take advantage of the available facilities provided by the university to use its scientific facilities and social platforms to support the members of the association and motivate them to increase their various knowledge.
  • Awareness of graduates of the importance of their role in the development of educational curricula plans at the university by providing the university with the outcome of the information gained in various areas of working life concerning the actual needs of labor markets and requirements for the development of community services to enable the university to keep pace with them.
  • Develop collective organizational work to achieve the association's goals, especially on general issues that pertain to society.
  • Providing a platform for graduates to raise their issues, concerns, and aspirations.
  • Keeping the graduates in constant contact with the academic climate to exchange opinions and update their scientific information by following up on the latest scientific developments through the channels of communication provided by the university to the Association and involving the graduates in its various activities and events.
  • Establishing the concepts of the spirit of dialogue and respect for the other opinion among the graduates.
  • Practicing activities within the framework of the prevailing legislation that would take care of graduates' rights and achieve a benefit for society.

Alumni Association is honored that every graduate of the university is an automatic member of the Association and has the right to benefit from the various services and benefits provided by the university.

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